• LastChanceSaloon

    Jared Wayne

    Thursday August 24, 6:30 - 9:30 pm

    Location: Grizzly Plaza, at the corner of Mackenzie and Victoria in downtown Revelstoke

    Cost: Free

    Jared Wayne is a Singer/Guitarist based in Revelstoke, BC.  With a wide range of experience accompanying bands in Ottawa and Calgary, he has continued his westerly migration in search of new sounds and experiences.  Throughout his shows, you will recognize the influences of Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, Wilco, Neil Young, and The Band. Accompanying Jared will be veteran musicians Jayme Wenzel on drums and Dave Marfleet on bass. Both members have played with local bands, including the Funky Snow Monkeys, The Groovineers, Pineapple Express, and more.