The Revelstoke Project by Lucas Myers

Thursday November 30, 2017 - 7:30pm

Back by popular demand – your chance to see the original show by Lucas Myers, which premiered during Welcome Week 2016, made for and about Revelstoke BC. 

From the hill to the mill, from the ski to the sled, from the 4×4 to the MTB and everything in between. In a work commissioned by the Revelstoke Arts Council, Lucas Myers applies his formidable talent for storytelling and observational humour to celebrate the many facets that make up the world of Revelstoke. 

 The Revelstoke Project is uniquely Revelstoke and full of original songs, music and humour – don’t miss it the second time around.








Tickets: $15

Or purchase your tickets in Downtown Revelstoke at:

Visitor Centre: 301 Victoria Rd, Revelstoke, BC

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10am-4:30pm, Saturday 10:30am-4pm