NOW AT THE POWDER SPRINGS HOTEL BANQUET ROOM – Steve Palmer with local supporting act Aza Deschamps

Wednesday March 1, 2017 - 7:30pm DOORS 6:30pm

Summer visitors and Revelstoke locals have enjoyed Stephen Palmer’s many, many years of performing at Revelstoke’s Streetfest. This is his first winter visit in many years.

He began his musical journey way back in the psychedelic 1960’s. He got an early boost when his rock group was chosen to open for several big name bands of that time- Led Zepelin, The Who, Eric Clapton and more.

In the new millennium he has put aside his electric guitar and gone back to his acoustic roots, playing his 6 and 12 string guitars “with all the authority of a quiet, folk singing road survivor.”

– C.Lazerini, Root Cellar

Revelstoke’s own Aza Deschamps will be joining Steve for this special evening at the Regent Lounge. Talented on guitar and piano, Aza sings in a confident style often compared to her idol Adele!

Tickets: $15

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