Great Lake Swimmers

Saturday November 5, 2016 - 7:30pm

Opening Act, Megan Bonnell 

Featuring a blend of acoustic instruments, rural soundscapes, and wistful vocals, Great Lake Swimmers are an indie folk group led by songwriter/vocalist Tony Dekker.

Great Lake Swimmers consists of Tony Dekker on lead vocals, guitar and harmonica, long time guitarist and banjo player Erik Arnesen, Miranda Mulholland on violin and backing vocals, Bret Higgins on upright bass, and newcomer Joshua Van Tassel on drums.

The band is currently promoting their sixth album, A Forest of Arms. With their surging rhythm section, razor sharp violin, and flourishing banjo and guitars, Tony Dekker and his band mates have created some of their most dynamic songs to date.

Great Lake Swimmers have made a transition over the past decade from fiercely loved but little known indie darlings to critically acclaimed national treasure.  They have become an integral part of the Canadian musical landscape.

Tickets: $25 Included in Super Package

Or purchase your tickets in Downtown Revelstoke at:

Visitor information Centre (cash only): 301 Victoria Rd, Revelstoke, BC

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10am-4:30pm, Saturday 10:30am-4pm

ArtFirst (accepts credit cards): #1 113 First Street West, Revelstoke, BC

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Friday 11-5pm, Saturday 11am-4pm