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Summer Street Festival

2016 Schedule Announced! The complete list of artists who will be performing this summer is below.

Nationally recognized as the jewel in Revelstoke’s cultural crown, the Revelstoke Arts Council proudly presents the Summer Street Festival every year. Each evening from approximately the end of June through to the end of August, the Revelstoke Arts Council provides free live music in Grizzly Plaza. With a diverse range of unique artists, the Summer Street Festival is fun for the whole family. Frequently you will find locals and visitors mingling sharing ice cream, dancing and friendship. So be sure to head down to the Plaza this weekend to celebrate the arrival of summer, music and fun!

 SAT June 25th Community Band
 SUN June 26th Lowell Friesen
 MON June 27th Denis Severino
 TUES June 28th Maritime Kitchen Party
 WED June 29th Stacie Byrne
 THURS June 30th Andrew Smith and Neil Fraser
 FRI July 1st Joanne Stacey
 SAT July 2nd The Jessica Stuart Few
 SUN July 3rd CliffJumpers Dixie Jazz
 MON July 4th Scott Cook and the Second Chances
 TUES July 5th Mountain Music Duo
 WED July 6th Adam Lauze Band
 THURS July 7th John Jenkins’ Smalltown Revival
 FRI July 8th Denis Severino
 SAT July 9th Joanne Stacey
 SUN July 10th Sharon Shook
 MON July 11th Mike Alviano
 TUES July 12th Novascotiables
 WED July 13th Mike Alviano
 THURS July 14th Bob Rogers Jazz
 FRI July 15th Lindsey Walker Band
 SAT July 16th Ewan Macintyre
 SUN July 17th Mountain Music Duo
 MON July 18th The Rev
 TUES July 19th Jeremy Grey
 WED July 20th Tanya Lipscomb
 THURS July 21st Steve Palmer
 FRI July 22nd Steve Palmer
 SAT July 23rd Partial To Pie
 SUN July 24th Adam Lauze Band
 MON July 25th Bassment Attics
 TUES July 26th Charlie Burton
 WED July 27th Charlie Burton
 THURS July 28th Mat Duffus
 FRI July 29th That Girl and Earl
 SAT July 30th That Girl and Earl
 SUN July 31st Good Enough for Dad
 MON August 1st Tanner James
 TUES August 2nd Saskia and Darrel
 WED August 3rd Relative Jazz
 THURS August 4th Maritime Kitchen Party
 FRI August 5th Penny Sandborn Trio
 SAT August 6th Willi Gaw Quartet
 SUN August 7th Blackberry Wood
 MON August 8th Lo-fi Uppercut
 TUES August 9th Wild Romantics
 WED August 10th Jen Lane
 THURS August 11th Compassion Gorilla
 FRI August 12th Parson Jazz Coop
 SAT August 13th Stacie Byrne
 SUN August 14th Sharon Shook
 MON August 15th Chicken-Like Birds
 TUES August 16th Bob Rogers Jazz
 WED August 17th The Rev
THURS August 18th John Jenkins’ Smalltown Revival
 FRI August 19th The Staggers and Jaggs
 SAT August 20th Pineapple Express
 SUN August 21st Tanya Lipscomb
 MON August 22nd Sister Speak
 TUES August 23rd Sister Speak
 WED August 24th Steve Hillis
 THURS August 25th Steve Hillis
 FRI August 26th Uncorked
 SAT August 27th Uncorked
 SUN August 28th Katie Marti
This year we are selling cool Summer Street Festival T-shirts every night at the Plaza to raise money to buy new items, such as new chairs. Here is a pic of the Burtons, one of our favourite bands, sporting their very own Summer Street Fest T-shirts!
The Burtons Buy Fest Tees!

T-Shirts are $15 each   2 for $25

Bumper Stickers  $2
Donations graciously accepted.


If you are a musician and are interested in performing in this highly renowned festival, please contact Executive Director Garry Pendergast for additional information.