ARRIVAL – ABBA Tribute Band

Saturday October 1, 2016   - 7:30pm


ARRIVAL, the Official ABBA Tribute Band, is an authentic-sounding, seven-piece tribute to Abba. They perform in full costumes, similar to the actual styles worn by the original Abba.
The band of professional musicians from Vancouver has played many shows over the last few years in casinos, theatres and corporate events, all around the world. Some of those places include Las Vegas, the Dominican Republic, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Regina, to name a few. You will be amazed at how closely Arrival-Canada’s tribute to ABBA resembles the original in look and sound. They take you back in time, so you can experience this amazing music all over again! “

Tickets: Adults $35 Kids $10 Included in Super Package

Or purchase your tickets in Downtown Revelstoke at:

Visitor information Centre (cash only): 301 Victoria Rd, Revelstoke, BC

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10am-4:30pm, Saturday 10:30am-4pm

ArtFirst (accepts credit cards): #1 113 First Street West, Revelstoke, BC

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Friday 11-5pm, Saturday 11am-4pm