Board of Directors

Revelstoke Arts Council is governed by a group of committed Board Members.  This page provides information about our Board members and the Revelstoke Arts Council’s Theatre Manager and Executive Director:

  Carol Palladino – President  Carol arrived in Revelstoke in 1979 and has since been involved as a volunteer with many groups in the cultural and social sectors.  Since the mid 90’s her main focus has been the Revelstoke Arts Council and Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre.   Carol finds the arts, in all forms, nourishing to the soul.  She is happy to contribute her organizational and financial skills in assisting and promoting the arts in Revelstoke.
 me-on-bike  Miriam Manley – Theatre Manager Miriam moved to Revelstoke over 5 years ago and for most of that time has been running the Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre.  Her driving passion in the job is innovative programming, cross-community partnerships and creating a busy creative environment at the Centre.  She has a diverse background in theatre, politics, new media and film and previous worked at the Houses of Parliament, Arts Council England and the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. Outside work Miriam loves to hike, cross country ski, attend Festivals of all kinds and spend time with her husband and daughter.
  Garry Pendergast – Executive Director  Garry moved to Revelstoke in 2005 and joined the arts council in 2007 as Executive Director.   He has been strong supporter for the arts and is married to Jacqueline who is a local artist.  Garry looks forward to spending his summer enjoying music at the Summer Street Festival.  
 lorna  Lorna Higdon-Norrie
Carolyn Johnson– Director Carolyn has been a National Park interpreter, a television producer, a professional writer, a communications consultant, and a midwife. She is now semi-retired. She has served on the boards of six non-profit organizations.In her spare time, Carolyn loves knitting, design, outdoor sports, reading, and film.  She also loves beauty, which is why she moved to Revelstoke in 2014.Carolyn has been a National Park interpreter, a television producer, a professional writer, a communications consultant, and a midwife.  She is now semi-retired.  She has served on the boards of six non-profit organizations. 
margaret Margaret Pacaud – Director Margaret Pacaud, now retired, worked as an administrative assistant with Community Futures Development Corporation and the Economic Development Commission of Revelstoke for the many years. She works with many volunteer boards and committees and has worked on many planning strategies (cultural, economic development, environmental, retail etc) and volunteers administrative skills to various organizations. Margaret has been involved with several organizations over the past 10 years, including Chair of the Revelstoke Arts Council, Revelstoke Mountain Arts Festival and is presently a director on the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre Board and Revelstoke Arts Council. Her interests include gardening, quilting, reading, and visual arts.
  Tina Lindegaard – Director I am a local artist living and working out of my home studio, Begbie Studios.  Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, I spent my most formative years there and then moved with my family to Canada in 1975.  I eventually settled here in Revelstoke, BC and have made this my home for over twenty years.  Following a career in the airline industry and a degree in marketing and management, I returned to my passion in the fine arts and finished my BFA in 2008.