A New Economy

Thursday October 20, 2016 - 7pm


The film, A New Economy, explores what might happen if working together for the common good were to become the most common business model. It follows several organizations that strive to build a more co-operative future. By putting humanity before the bottom line, they are carving a new place in an economy presently dominated by profits and big business.

A New Economy highlights the demand for changing traditional economic practices for the good of both humanity and the environment. The film is brought to you by Revelstoke Credit Union and screens as part of International Credit Union Day on Thursday, October 20th.

A New Economy is directed, written and produced by Trevor Meier, an independent thinker and passionate filmmaker. He invests deeply in people and their capacity for kindness, generosity, creativity and community, which to him are true wealth.

A New Economy is produced by Domain7 Studios. Produced with the support of the Credit Unions of BC, with the participation of the Province of British Columbia Film Incentive BC, and the Government of Canada.


Tickets: FREE